Stone Directory


AGATE has long been associated with maturity, growth, reaching our full potential, inner-strength, confidence & a willingness to spiritually evolve. Some have connected its energy to the ability to simplify all areas of our lives and eliminate what we do not need. Artists will sometimes wear agate for creative inspiration and a spark from their muse. Inspires, strengthens, supports & simplifies.


AMAZONITE is also known as "warrior's stone" and is one of the stones used most often on the breastplates of female heroes. It is inextricably linked to the qualities of bravery, integrity, honor and a willingness to speak out against what is not fair, decent or true. Healers say it opens the throat and connects it to the heart, dispels aggression and anger, and course corrects one's path if it is without higher purpose and compassion. It reminds us that being a true warrior is not about dominance over others but rather mastering the self.


AMETHYST, in Greek, means "without drunkenness," and true to its name, it is often worn as a stone for sobriety, mental clarity and the resisting of temptation. It is believed to both increase intuitive abilities and open the sixth sense, while at the same time, helping us stay flexible, accepting and connected to the earth. We are not our problems or our struggles and amethyst is worn to remind us if we are centered and present and know who we are beyond all the external trappings, we are less likely to be overcome by our fears and self-doubt. "Gnothi Seauton" inscribed in the Temple at Delphi: Know thyself.


CARNELIAN-Worn throughout time for power, success and motivation, orange carnelian is believed to help us be in control of our desires and indulgences and steer our own ships with competence and unstoppable determination. Full of fire, carnelian is a stimulant which can also be helpful in managing weight, promoting an exercise program, making money and seeing things through to their conclusion. Healers believe carnelian gives us the staying power to succeed in all areas of life.


CHRYSOPHRASE-So green and so lush, you can almost see all the spirits of the natural world peering out from the luster of gorgeous chrysophrase. Considered a stone of the natural world, the fairies and the sprites and the goddess Venus, it is most often worn for prosperity, abundance, wealth, growth, expansion, creating beauty, hope, joy and gratitude. Pure inspiration, chrysophrase is like a splash of cold, clear water waking you up and filling you with life. Carpe diem! Carpe annum! Carpe minutam!


CITRINE is a stone of the sun and is a coveted gem for healing and bringing light into our lives. It’s a mood lifting stone that is excellent to wear in winter when the days are shorter and also when we have had a trauma and need to find the beauty and joy in life again. Some people refer to citrine as “The Merchant’s Stone” because of it’s reputation for creating wealth and prosperity, good luck in all things and success. It can also be worn to help us set boundaries and not let others steal our energy. If you’re looking for a stone of positivity, possibility and uplifting energy, citrine is an excellent choice.


FLUORITE is categorized as one of the most important mystical stones connecting us to our spiritual nature and bringing peace of mind to chaos, confusion and fear. It pulls us deeper into our innate wisdom to help remember our life purpose and be in a better position to differentiate between what is real and false. Also believed to be a stone of guides and angels, healers recommend it to help clear the aura and chakras, and assist us in hearing our ancestor and spirit guides, and recognize the signs and teachings of the natural world.


GARNET is Latin for pomegranate, a universal symbol for abundance, good luck, balance and friendship. Long worn as a talisman for overall protection from negative thinking, it is considered a talisman for business success and safety during travel. Energizing, revitalizing, enhancing memory and bringing order to a muddled mind are also revered gifts of this gorgeous and deep stone.


GOLDSTONE or MONKSTONE is a manmade stone mistakenly discovered (or so the story goes) by MONKS who unknowingly put flecks of copper into molten glass. However it came to be, it's shimmer is like looking into the enormity and beauty of the universe, and, because it was created by "accident", healers say it is a stone to be carried or worn for protection from accidents and also from going out of alignment. It reminds us there is no such thing as a mistake and all of life is meant to be a vast adventure in which the goal is to reconnect with our higher self.


HEMATITE was often worn into battle as an amulet to ground, stabilize and protect a warrior. If you don't lose yourself or your center, the more level-headed and focused you can be. Cooling, calming for the nervous system and, above all, rooting us to the wisdom and beauty of the earth. Connection to source and our purpose in the world. Beautiful.


HOWLITE-Also known as white turquoise, healers believe howlite is a stone of great inner peace as it promotes acceptance, less judgment and criticism, re-channeling chronic anger into a more productive use of energy and helping us be more at ease with stillness and non-doing. A great stone for those who feel they need to fix everything and everyone and are never happy with how things are in the moment. By slowing us down, it also helps us to see the signs and feel our way rather than always overthinking our lives. Quiet the mind.


IOLITE is also called "the water sapphire" and "compass to the sea" and is valued as a stone of dreams, exploration, vision, inspiration and the gift of being able to find beauty in all things. Shamans consider iolite to be an important stone to help carry us through bardos or changes as they believe it connects us to the higher realms and therefore can orient us and help us remember who we really are and from where we came. Also worn to lift our spirits, reconnect us to each other and guiding us to where we need to be.


JASPER nurtures, heals and relaxes. Used traditionally for releasing traumas, nurturing the soul and cultivating a more gentle demeanor towards oneself and others. Also known as the "rainmaker" stone, it brings about growth, expansion, abundance, and washes away the old to make room for the new. Don't be afraid of change. The universe always supports courage.


LABRADORITE is the choice stone by many healers for clairvoyance, intuition and guidance from above. It resonates with the pulse of the universe and all its magic and wisdom, and is believed to temper negativity in the wearer and awaken our sleeping gifts. Shamans, mystics, healers and elders revere labradorite and use it for retrieving souls and keeping them awake and connected to their higher knowing. You should, too.


LAVA STONE is a emotionally healing stone that calms the emotions and quiets a busy mind struggling with worry and anxiety. Lava is the embodiment of the Buddhist concept of “Beginner’s Mind” which teaches us that everyday is a new day and we should approach it with an open mind and heart. It reminds us to let go of all the thought forms and beliefs that do not support a positive life and to not be afraid to take off our protective armor. Carry it as a talisman to keep negativity away and as a reminder to be less judgmental of others and, most of all, less judgmental of ourselves.


LAPIS means "blue" in Persian. It comes in many grades and shades and is highly prized for its reputation of bringing wisdom and truth to the wearer as well as good judgment, honesty, integrity and the sixth sense of seeing through illusions and false teachings. Lapis is also known as a stone that creates fame and recognition by helping one to be seen, recognized, honored and value. Calming hyperactivity and an overtaxes nervous system is yet another reputed benefit of this gorgeous blue stone.


Magnesite has a calming and supportive energy which is good for centering and meditation. Wear it to help you become more clear, intuitive and mentally strong. It’s vibration helps you to be more in tune with your unique path and to align your inner-life with your outer-life to create authenticity, balance and wellness. It’s a confidence stone in that it helps to connect us with our true self and to be less concerned about what other’s think.


MOONSTONE invites you to howl at the moon, open your wild heart, explore all the shadows and gray areas of life, look into your reflection and see who you really are, warts and all. Worn throughout history for self-love and self-acceptance, fertility, creativity, fidelity and daring to take the inner journeys. Get in sync with the rhythms of nature and beauty of you. Cultivate your dreams. Create true feminine community.


NEPHRITE JADE-Beloved for centuries as a stone for luck, longevity, health and wellness, jade is considered by eastern healers to be one of the most balancing, healing and cleansing stones one can wear. It is used for releasing guilt, letting go of the past, restoring a wounded heart, getting to the root cause of illnesses and protection from getting out of balance and losing our way. Blesses whatever it touches and offers a portal into the spiritual realms.


PREHNITE-Along with mystical labradorite, prehnite is considered by shamans and seers to be the stone of archangels, visionaries, dreamers, healers and all who march to the beat of their own drummer. It invites us into a consciousness without judgment, expectation, fear or condition. We are free to explore life and make mistakes as they are necessary stops on the road of a life well lived. Without them we cannot and will not grow. Reminds us to dream, think creatively and take responsibility for our own happiness.


PYRITE has long been the choice stone to keep us from absorbing negative environments. Reflective and powerful in reputation, it is thought to help dilute criticism, manipulation, anger and the control of others, and put us on a path to become more independent and empowered. As an amulet, is is also reputed to keep your spirits up and your thoughts positive, and restore balance, healing and freedom to the body and mind.


QUARTZ contains all the colors of the prism and is often worn to bring the body into alignment with one's higher self, clear the mind and see the potential in all things. Because it is so abundant in nature, it is considered to open the door to prosperity and bring about a sense of wealth and gratitude in the wearer. Hold it and fill it with your most positive thoughts and dreams, and then carry it with to tune into that vibration.


RHODOCHROSITE is a powerful and beautiful stone of the heart. Carrying or wearing rhodochrosite brings us a hopeful outlook, positive thinking and the energy to believe in our abilities and potential. It stimulates our minds, heightens our creativity and supports us in following our own path. A fourth chakra stone, rhodochrosite helps us meet our true clan and cultivate support, loyalty and kindness in our relationships. Rhodochrosite reminds us that we are all connected and what we do to others we do to ourselves. Bri A stone worn for forgiveness and moving forward with an open heart.


RHYOLITE-Often found in and around volcanoes, rhyolite has an explosive quality believed to assist us in breaking through barriers, clearing blocks, opening new doors, regenerating what has lost some of its mojo and rejuvenating tired routines. To that end, it is a stone that marries the courage to hope with the courage to change. When we face our obstacles and stop resisting the flow of life, we can creative a life of abundance, adventure and possibility. Rhyolite is believed to help us break out of ruts and alleviate boredom and apathy.


RIVERSTONE is a "Buddha stone" in that it is believed to encapsulate the properties of the buddhist teachings of quieting the mind, breaking one out of the endless samsara of desire, presence in the moment, self-compassion and letting go. "Life is a river always flowing," Buddha says, "do not hold onto things. Work hard." Also thought to be a cleansing stone, it is worn by many to cleanse the body and mind, help cultivate a meditation practice and breaking through habits and beliefs that no longer serve.


SILK STONE is a responsibility stone. Own your own mistakes, grow from them, have patience in the process and realign your goals to a higher purpose. Silk stone teaches that balance, patience, acceptance and gratitude are all qualities we need to develop to experience unconditional happiness and true success. And making mistakes is part of life so don't be so hard on yourself. Create and enjoy.


SODALITE-Considered a stone of confidence and self-esteem, many healers suggest wearing this variegated & easy blue stone to remind you to stand up for yourself, not take in critical and negative words and be an independent person. Connected to the throat chakra, sodalite is worn for self-expression, speaking up, valuing your opinion, finding your voice and staying the course. Resonates with the mantra "don't give up" and "believe in yourself."


SWAROVSKI CRYSTAL-Made in Austria, Swarovski crystals are highly prized because of their stunning clarity and beautiful depth. Although not natural stones, they are able to work with light in a spiritually advanced way. When light hits them, the crystals themselves glow and bring light to the wearer, but they also send light out into the room. This helps to break up darkness and negativity in both the wearer and their environment. Be the change. See Swarovski chart for the unique story of each color.


TIBETAN AGATE is a natural agate coated in paint and put through a firing process to create designs on the stone. It has, literally, been through the fire which imbues it with an alchemical energy. Wear to help you through change and transitions and to aid you in greeting new opportunities, landscapes and possibilities with an open heart and mind. Encourages us to welcome in the future with courage and vision.


TIGERS EYE means business. Worn by many for stabilization, grounding, strength, focus, willpower and confidence. Also reputed to help the wearer to not give up, stay the course, move forward into new experiences and cut through illusions. On a more mundane level, tigers eye is believed to help you make money, expand your opportunities and get the credit you deserve for your ideas.


TOURMALINE is the stone most commonly used for dispelling negativity and protection from one's own worrisome and anxious thoughts. It's also frequently worn to protect from radiation and toxins as it is thought to purify the aura, soothe panic and shine light into dark places. Keeps the mind and the spine in alignment to keep one from venturing too far off course. Helps you find your way.


TURQUOISE is one of the oldest and most revered stones. Believed to promote our self-worth and "the nobility within," it is worn to remind us we all have a role to play and something deeply valuable to offer the world. It teaches ego is a balance between believing we have something important to say but not any more important than anyone else. Also a strong protection amulet, it has been worn throughout time to bring luck on journeys, protection from fear, and to bestow upon us the great truths so we make better decisions and live in harmony, and with respect, for all living things. Stone of the environment and nature.


UNAKITE-long worn as a romance and love stone, unakite is one of the choices of healers for opening the door to lasting love, creating harmony, balancing emotions and helping us trust others. It promotes nurturing, caring, self-compassion and acceptance. Unakite is also proscribed for fertility, calmness during pregnancy and divine help during labor, and is generally known for supporting and soothing the heart. A stone of deep breath, faith and devotion to beauty.