About Susan

Susan has been designing jewelry for almost ten years and studying rocks, minerals and gemstones all her life. In Shintoism, the ethnic religion of Japan dating back to the 8th century, it is believed that spiritual powers manifest in natural places and objects such as mountains, rivers, stars, stones, people and animals. Everything in nature has a spirit, and, if you’re awake and paying attention, it will share its wisdom. It’s this connection with nature that inspires Susan to find the story in each stone and each piece of jewelry she creates. Susan sells her unique designs on Martha’s Vineyard and New York City. Her daughter, Sophie, designed the collection for children.

In addition to her designing jewelry, Susan is a feng shui professional, astrologer, intuitive, Kabbalah and Buddhism teacher, and corporate spiritual counselor at Eileen Fisher, one of the most progressive and environmentally-conscious corporations in the country. Susan brings her positivity and expansive thinking to all she does. It is the potential and brilliance of each unique human being and how to help bring it forth, that most inspires her work.

About Susan’s Jewelry

When Susan first began practicing feng shui and giving intuitive readings, her clients asked her for reminders of what they aspired to create in their homes and lives. It was then Susan brought her love of stones and healing together by creating jewelry for her clients and friends to wear to remember their goals and dreams. Each piece of jewelry comes with a handwritten card describing the stones and how it uniquely impacts the specific person who ordered it.

About Our Logo

While studying mysticism in Eastern Europe after the birth of her daughter, Susan learned about an early 19th century magician who channeled unique symbols from the universe to help transform potential into reality. Psychologist Carl Jung believed these alchemical emblems were channeled from a deeper place and could regenerate a person’s well-being and deepen their chosen experiences. Our logo is a symbol from this tradition with a specific focus on turning ordinary experiences into magical ones. Here’s to our individual and collective potential!